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About Us

Our overall mission is to unite the country and demand action; to hold elected and appointed representatives accountable to their oaths and obligations of office; to protect and restore Liberties as defined in our Country’s Founding Documents.
Ken is Co-Founder and of the Government Integrity Project. He a Constitutional Conservative who is proud of our country and the founding documents our Constitutional Republic is based on. He believes in property rights, self reliance and personal responsibility. He is passionate about Parental Rights and properly educating our children, who will someday become our country’s leaders.

Tom Murray is Co-Founder of the Goverment Integrity Project. He is a successful entrepreneur and small business owner. He grew up in NH, graduated from Wentworth with a bachelors degree in civil engineering in 1995, and resides in Windham with his wife and five children.


He served as a Chairman of the Windham Zoning Board of Adjustment as well as a Vice-Chairman on on the Windham School Board. He is a strong conservative defender of our constitutional republic, who believes in holding government representatives accountable to their oaths of office.

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