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  • Ken Eyring

AMERICAN HERO Kate Bossi Acknowledged for Her Courage!

By Ken Eyring - June 6, 2021

Government is being weaponized against citizens, and it is encouraging to see people like Kate Bossi – a grandmother and Sunday School Teacher – who have had enough of government interference in our lives! Bossi took a stand for common sense, personal responsibility and liberty. Bossi is a principled role model who stood against the tyranny of Timberlane School District Chair Kim Farah – even under the threat and subsequent arrest for not wearing a mask. Her brave actions in the face of fabricated government adversity is why she received a special “American Hero” award on May 22nd for her exemplary courage to stand for Liberty and our Constitutional Rights. (Click here for the Full Story with additional info and links on the Granite Grok.)

AMERICAN HERO Kate Bossi Acknowledged for Her Courage with Award!


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