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  • Ken Eyring

A Small Cost For Freedom

If you have time this Friday, (03/17/23), please provide in-person support at the trial of Frank Staples. Frank is one of the nine Americans who were arrested at the October 17, 2021 Executive Council meeting for no apparent reason while sitting quietly in his seat. You can read about this disturbing abuse of power in this article, and the three other articles that are embedded within it.

Seven of the nine people were respectfully sitting quietly in their seats and were arrested for no apparent cause. The other two were arrested after they questioned why the first two people had been arrested.

I was at the meeting, and it felt like I was experiencing a flashback to Nazi Germany in the 1930's. It sounds dramatic and exaggerated - but if you watch the embedded videos in the article linked above, you will get a sense of the injustice that took place. Read the story and watch the videos in each of the articles. Governor Sununu's actions - as well as ordering over 80 State Troopers to the meeting with only 150 attendees is disturbing.

With this type of abuse mirroring what the FBI has done on multiple occasions recently - it is important that our NH courts and Governor know that we, the people have the right to peaceably assemble - and that the arrest of citizens exercising their God-given Constitutional Rights will not be accepted.

Please come to the courthouse in Concord to make a peaceful statement. If you have the time but choose to not attend - and instead sit idly by regarding the unjustified arrests of innocent people, then you are complicit in normalizing this abuse of power.

We are all busy, but freedom is not free.

Get involved. Show up!

Date: 03/17/23

Time: 12:45PM

Location: Courthouse, 32 Clinton Street, Concord, NH


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