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Corey Lewandowski on Gov. Sununu, Corruption and a Class Action Lawsuit Against the FBI and DOJ!

The Government Integrity Project launched a new podcast from their new Windham Studio, and did so in block buster fashion by landing Corey Lewandowski for the first guest of the first podcast.

Corey's long time friend and 2024 NH Trump Campaign Co-Chair Bruce Breton was in the studio and said this was a rare unfiltered interview that revealed another side of Corey.

The interview was energetic and riveting. It was disturbing to hear Corey describe the seven times he testified in front of congress and the FBI due to the bogus Russia, Russia, Russia scam that the FBI knew at the time was fabricated.

More startling is that during the FBI interrogation, all video and audio recording devices were prohibited by Muller from being used in the room. Even after Corey raised concerns and requested the meeting be electronically recorded to accurately capture what was said.

Due to those personally invasive and disruptive experiences, Corey said he is seriously considering filing a massive Class Action Lawsuit against the FBI and Department of Justice where the merits of the case are in the recently released Durham report.

This is a Must See!

Corey did not hold back in this candid interview. He exposed corruption at all levels of government, and mixed in several brutal, hilarious behind the scenes stories of NH Gov. Sununu.

Here is a short clip of Corey's hilarious portrayal of the Governor. I've watched it a dozen times - and like a fine wine, it's gotten better with age! If Corey ever gets tired of being a political analyst and 3 time best selling NY Times author... he has a bright future waiting for him in standup comedy!

Below is the entire interview. When you first click to play the video an ad may begin. That is unintentional and I am trying to disable that from happening. To skip the ad, after a few seconds a "skip" button will be displayed on the bottom right. Click it to go directly to the video. Sorry for the inconvenience, and enjoy the show!

GIP co-founders Ken Eyring and Tom Murray said the podcast is another medium the GIP will now use on a regular basis to keep the public informed and to hold government officials accountable for their actions.

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16 Ιουν 2023

Great Interview . I’m originally from Lowell. Just Moved back north from FLA. Hudson NH. Went to a couple Local GOP Candidates nights last year. Disappointed in results . Heard about you guys on Badlands Mefia.

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