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  • Ken Eyring

Do Windham Election Officials Represent Einstein's Definition of Insanity?

Here we go again.

A detailed complaint against Windham election officials was filed with the NH Attorney General's office in December regarding the September 13, 2022 Primary Election.

The 2022 Primary Election complaint identifies ongoing issues and inconsistencies with NH election laws and procedures. That election is now the second federal election in a row where there appears to be continuing, disturbing failures by Windham election officials to follow simple election laws and procedures – AND wildly inaccurate reported numbers on election night.

The first time was Windham's 2020 General Election that produced the largest numerical discrepancy in the history of New Hampshire between election day results and a hand recount of the Windham State Representative race. That led to a forensic audit to determine the cause for the discrepancy.

Eight months after the 2020 General Election audit was completed, the NH Attorney General and Secretary of State delivered a joint letter to Windham officials. That letter identified over 130 violations of election laws and procedures during the 2020 General Election, and informed Windham officials that an election monitor would be appointed to oversee Windham's next election during the September 13, 2022 Primary. A rare occurrence.

But even with an election monitor present during the September 13th primary, it appears nothing has changed. The complaint regarding the September Primary Election outlines 33 additional concerns in detail (and there were more). It includes over 70 hyperlinks to official election documents that provide specific details for those concerns. With the detailed information provided on a silver platter within the complaint, the AG's investigation should be simple and straight forward.

Assigning an Election Monitor for the September 2022 Primary did not produce the desired result.

To put it another way... how much longer will Windham's election officials be permitted to do the same thing over and over again before the AG puts permanent corrective measures in place to ensure that Windham's elections follow election laws and procedures?

More info to come regarding issues related to the Windham 2022 General Election...


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