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  • Ken Eyring

DOD Whistleblowers: MISCARRIAGES Up 279%, CANCER Up 296%, NEUROLOGICAL ISSUES Up 1000%

Governor Sununu, you are on notice!!!

Every day there is more credible evidence that Americans have been lied to regarding the efficacy and safety of the Covid "vaccines" - and Governor Sununu is responsible for helping disseminate that false narrative.

He has zealously spent millions and pursued actions that have filled the coffers of pharmaceutical companies... many who, in turn, have filled his.

The latest disturbing credible evidence comes from three brave DOD whistleblowers (all doctors) who extracted data out of a DOD database. Their shocking declarations regarding vaccine injuries were provided via sworn affidavits under penalty of perjury, and presented to Senator Ron Johnson's Covid Panel by their attorney, Tom Renz.

Per Renz's testimony to the panel (video below), the DOD data includes the following disturbing findings:

"Miscarriages increased by 300% over the 5 year average - almost." "We saw almost 300% increase in cancer over the 5 year average." "Neurological issues which would affect our pilots, over 1,000% increase ... 82K per year to 863K in 1 year. "Our Soldiers are being experimented on, injured, and sometimes possibly killed."

As can be seen above, our government has not been honest with us.

Renz's testimony might provide insight into the concerns that were raised by Scott Davison, the CEO of OneAmerica, a $100 billion Indianapolis-based life insurance company. A few weeks ago, he made stunning statements that "death rates are up 40% over what they were pre-pandemic" - and that most of the claims for deaths being filed are not classified as COVID-19 deaths. You can read more here.

It is time to end the madness, shut down the "vaccine" clinics that are giving our children Covid vaccine jabs in school, pass HB1022 to make Ivermectin available without a prescription, and hold those accountable for all of the injuries and deaths related to the vaccines.


Ken Eyring [send him an email], is a founder and President of the Government Integrity Project, whose mission is to unite the country and demand action; to hold elected and appointed representatives accountable to their oaths and obligations of office; to protect and restore Liberties as defined in our Country’s Founding Documents.


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