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  • Ken Eyring

G.I.P. VICTORY! Tyranny Defeated and Liberty Restored in Danville NH!

By Ken Eyring - July 15, 2021

The mission of the Government Integrity Project (GIP) is to restore Liberty in every NH town. On Tuesday, July 13, 2021… that town was Danville, NH, where the work of nearly 60 GIP volunteers over weeks of effort culminated into an historic accomplishment by an incredible team of liberty minded patriots!

Together, they sent a shock wave to the liberal elitists in the town of Danville and across the state of NH. Tyranny was defeated and Liberty was restored when Constitutional conservative and write-in candidate Scott Borucki defeated incumbent Kim Farah for Danville Selectman! (Click here for the Full Story with additional info and links on the Granite Grok.)


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