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  • Ken Eyring

Holding Windham Selectman Heath Partington Accountable

Over this past weekend, Windham residents received a mailer highlighting a few of the abuses of office by Windham Selectman Heath Partington. It is always uncomfortable to hold anyone accountable for their actions, especially elected and appointed government officials. But it is something that must be done, because when left unchecked... the level and number of abuses grow and they become the norm.

For years, Windham government officials have abused their positions to serve themselves and their friends and target those they disagree with.

The GIP reported last year that a Windham church has been targeted for years, and forced to spend tens of thousands of dollars unnecessarily to put up a temporary tent while other organizations in town did so without any oversight nor expense:

In the video below, Tom Murray and I discuss Windham Selectman Heath Partington's abuse of office and subversion of Windham zoning ordinances. We brought in Manchester Code Enforcement Officer Jim Tierney to provide his expert interpretation of zoning laws.

Partington also serves on the Windham Planning Board, and Tierney explains Partington's hypocritical enforcement of Windham zoning ordinances for others but not for his family members.

Also joining us are two abutting property owners to Partington, Peter Zohdi and Brian Bauchman. Zohdi and Bauchman share their stories of Partington's NIMBY (not in my backyard) approach to stifling development on their properties on Route 111 that are adjacent to Partington's.

Partington's decision-making along with others, has cost the town enormous amounts of money due to lawsuits against the town that were lost in court, as well as lost tax revenues from low profile businesses that would benefit and compliment our Windham community.

You can watch the interviews here:


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