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  • Ken Eyring

MUST ATTEND EVENT: Empowering Parents! The STRUGGLE For Control of Your Kids!

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

There is an uprising of discontent across NH school districts. Parents are fed up with being ignored by their school boards and district administrators – so they are taking matters into their own hands by filing petitions that were developed by the non-partisan Government Integrity Project (GIP) with the help of NH Secretary of State Bill Gardner.

Those petitions mandate – by law - special elections be held that enable voters to make decisions on important school district issues.

But school board members and administrators are refusing to be responsive as required by the intent of law. Some districts are refusing to call for a special election, and other districts have stated the results of the election will be irrelevant - claiming they are “advisory” and not binding.

At stake is who knows what's best for the children - their parents or administrators?

If you are frustrated with your school board and/or superintendent and want to learn about the enormous power you currently hold but are not exercising... the Government Integrity Project is holding a FREE event to empower parents.

You will be empowered by the following Notable Speakers:

NH Senator Bob Giuda

NH House Education Committee Chair Rick Ladd

NH House Education Committee Vice-Chair Glenn Cordelli

See the details below:


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