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  • Ken Eyring

NH Department of Injustice? (NH's January 6th)

Frank Staples was falsely arrested along with other Americans at the October 13, 2021 Executive Council meeting led by Governor Sununu. Please come to his trial THIS FRIDAY (3/31/23) to show your support (details below).

You can read about the disturbing abuse of power in this article, and the three other articles that are embedded within it.

Also disturbing is the fact that Mr. Staples' trial is the first one for those arrested - and the prosecutors appear to be stacking the deck to rig the outcome against all nine Americans. They are using technicalities to disqualify as many credible eye-witnesses as possible.

I was at the October 13, 2021 Executive Councilor's meeting, and testified on behalf of Mr. Staples on Friday, March 17 regarding the nine Americans arrested for no apparent reason. Prior to permitting me to testify, I was asked three questions by the prosecution. If I remember correctly, they were something like this:

  1. Did I have any conversations with the defendant regarding what to say?

  2. Was I told by the defendant what questions he was going to ask?

  3. Did I watch any of the previous testimony of the trial?

I answered no for each question, but apparently there were quite a few scheduled witnesses who observed testimony of other witnesses - either in person or via video of previous trial footage - and therefore the judge disqualified those individual witnesses from testifying on behalf of Mr. Staples.

I am betting that those same disqualified witnesses will be disqualified from testifying at the trials of the remaining people who were unjustly arrested - thereby making their conviction an almost certainty for crimes they did not commit.

Why would the prosecutors, who work in the NH Department of Justice, which is run by NH Attorney General John Formella, who was appointed by Governor Sununu want to prevent those who were falsely arrested at Governor Sununu's meeting from having a fair trial?

Why was I not warned by the judge or the prosecutors ahead of the trial that all witnesses must sequester themselves from other testimony? Why was the judge and prosecutors going to allow all of Mr. Staples' witnesses to observe the trial from within the courtroom without issuing the sequestration warning prior to the first witness being called - knowing the dire consequences for Mr. Staples' and every subsequent defendant when their trial is held?

Is justice being sought - or is the deck being stacked in order to cover up false arrests of people who have been critical of Governor Sununu?

The arrests and subsequent legal maneuvering mirrors the type of abuse regarding what is taking place at the federal level on multiple occasions recently. Does January 6th ring a bell?

Please come to the courthouse in Concord to make a peaceful statement. If you have the time but choose to not attend - and instead sit idly by regarding the unjustified arrests of innocent people, then you are complicit in normalizing this abuse of power.

Freedom is not free. That is not just a saying. It is a fact.

Get involved. Show up! And when the trial is about to begin, remove yourself from the courtroom if you plan to testify at this trial or one of the subsequent trials for the remaining Americans.

Date: 03/31/23

Time: 10 AM

Location: Courthouse, 32 Clinton Street, Concord, NH


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