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Now I Know Why Matt Mowers is Hiding in His Basement Like Joe Biden

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

The Government Integrity Project held a debate on August 13, 2022 between candidates for New Hampshire's U.S. Congressional District 1. Tim Baxter, Gail Huff-Brown, Karoline Leavitt and Russell Prescott all participated.

Noticeably missing was Matt Mowers! But not because he wasn't invited. He was!

After hearing his opponents on Saturday, I now understand why Matt Mowers is hiding. All four candidates on stage clearly showed why they would represent NH better than he would. The candidates were honest, respectful and revealed their character that is worthy of serving NH in Washington.

By hiding, Mowers is apparently trying to ride out a wave of controversies that is building to a crescendo. The bottom line is that Mowers is unelectable in the General Election in November – and he knows it. But he is hoping for a miracle like an endorsement from someone really influential that will make enough people hold their noses and vote for him despite those skeletons in his past.

If Mowers somehow gets past the GOP Primary and is the Republican nominee... he won't be able to hide from Chris Pappas – and Pappas is going to eat his lunch.

That is why it is important for voters to know there are excellent alternatives, as clearly displayed in the video of the debate that took place on 8/13/22. Go to 51:40 to jump to the beginning.

Mowers is accurately mentioned and referred to by his opponents multiple times – but never in a positive light.

Not too long into the debate, you too will see that every candidate on stage would represent NH better than Mowers would. The video above is queued up to the introductions.

How you cast your sacred vote in the primary on September 13, 2022 is your decision. Please do some homework and cast an informed vote. The video above is a good place to start.

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Keith Stanton
Keith Stanton
23 ago 2022

Gail Huff's husband Scot brown, "IS" a "DEEP STATER".

That is WHY President Trump 'sent him' 12,000 miles away to New Zealand for FOUR years.

Because it's too hard to cause trouble, from 1/2 a world away.

Mi piace
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