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  • Ken Eyring

The GIP Announces Support For Danville Selectman Write-In Candidate Scott Borucki

By Ken Eyring - June 11, 2021

Danville, NH – The Government Integrity Project is fighting to restore Traditional American Values at every level of government. Especially locally, where it is easier to take back control – one town at a time. When we fix our towns, we’ll fix our states. When we fix our states, we’ll fix our country.

That’s why one of their current projects is to help educate Danville voters about Selectman Kim Farah, who is running unopposed in the July 13, 2021 election. Danville’s residents are outraged that Farah did not intervene when Kate Bossi, a grandmother and Sunday School Teacher was forcefully arrested in front of students for not wearing a mask, as requested on the agenda,

“Attendees are asked to wear appropriate face coverings and practice social distancing protocols.”


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