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  • Ken Eyring

The Windham Swamp – Part 3: The Cost of Weaponized Government Is Enormous!

By Ken Eyring - August 28, 2021

The Crossing Life Church was forced to jump through hoops by Rex Norman FOR MONTHS at ENORMOUS UNNECESSARY EXPENSE to put up a tent. Four OTHER organizations in Windham put up their tents literally overnight.

No building permit and Planning Board requirements, and they paid NOTHING!!! Not a Dime! They have all have used their tents while the Crossing Life Church STILL cannot use theirs.

And the favoritism that was provided regarding those four other tents – as disturbing as that is – is not the most egregious part.

Life safety comes into play. Bypassing the approval processes as defined by laws and regulations – means that measures to ensure safety are also bypassed.

Last year people were seriously hurt when a tent collapsed in New Ipswich. A few years ago in Lancaster, people died. Unfortunately, those tragedies appear to have no impact on certain Windham officials because the safety measures embedded into the laws and regulations are not always followed.

Tyranny runs rampant throughout Windham’s weaponized government. (Click here for the Full Story with additional info and links on the Granite Grok.)


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