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  • Ken Eyring

Tim Baxter: Why the Vote for Speaker of the House is “Almost the Only Vote That Matters"

Tim Baxter is running for NH's Congressional District 1, and he participated in the Government Integrity Project's (GIP) debate for that office this past weekend (link here, debate begins at 51:40).

Eyring and Murray found Baxter to be a confident, thoughtful, personable, and well-spoken individual who says what he means and means what he says... something that is sorely missing in Congress.

“Increasingly, the vote for Speaker is not only the first vote, the most important... but it's almost the only vote that matters. And that's because the Speakership in Congress, which is suppose to be the people's branch – it's really run like a dictatorship unfortunately. There's no amendments, there's no Bills that are voted on unless the Speaker of the House consents to it.
"The vote for Speaker is not just about getting a conservative, but about getting someone who isn't corrupt in office, and that's why I am so strongly against Kevin McCarthy for Speaker."

When asked how he would cast his vote for Speaker, he said Chip Roy or Andy Biggs, and added he keeps hearing the name Andy Biggs from the people that are steadfast on voting against McCarthy.

Later on in the interview he said,

"The GIP debate was really important for me because it allowed me to distinguish myself from [Karoline] Leavitt."
"If you are someone who considers yourself a fighter or a Constitutionalist... most of those people are probably deciding between us two."
"That was really important that I could distinguish myself. We're running an ad with it now. It's been on national television that exchange multiple times so, that debate might be more important than the WMUR for me."

Here is that exchange:

Tim Baxter has the receipts regarding how he would represent NH,

“My record as a State Representative has been fighting for the Constitution. I have 100% with the HRA which is NH's constitutional group. You swore an oath when you become a member of Congress, you swear an oath to the Constitution, not to the swamp.”

The fact that Baxter has a proven voting record is meaningful. Voters have an opportunity to review how he has represented NH in the statehouse – which is an excellent indicator of how he would represent NH in Washington.

Here is Tim's interview with the GIP co-founders:

There will be at least three more CD-1 debates before the September 13th GOP Primary: Jack Heath (Radio) this coming Tuesday, WMUR a week before the election, followed two days later by Chris Ryan on the radio.

There are good candidates running for the GOP CD-1 nomination. Baxter is clearly one of them.


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