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  • Tom Murray

Tom Murray For Windham Moderator!

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

My name is Tom Murray. I grew up in NH, graduated from Wentworth with a bachelors degree in civil engineering in 1995, and have lived in Windham since 2003 with my wife and family. This is where we have raised our five children and where I have located my construction business, Pugliese Contracting.

I have served on the Windham Zoning Board of Adjustment for eight years, with part of that time as Chairman. I also served on the Windham School Board for three years, one as Vice-Chairman.

I am a Co-Founder of the Government Integrity Project, and I believe election integrity is of the utmost importance.

It is the Town Moderator who is entrusted to ensure the integrity of our elections. Unfortunately, this is where Peter Griffin, Windham's current Town Moderator – and my opponent - has displayed significant deficiencies, even after serving in the position for 28 years.

Many of Mr Griffin's shortcomings were exposed after the New Hampshire Attorney General's and Secretary of State's offices initiated a joint investigation to determine why the November 3, 2020 election and subsequent recount for the Windham State Rep race produced the largest numerical discrepancy in the history of our state.

Their investigation discovered that many election laws are not followed.

Here are just a few quotes (emphasis mine) from the report that exposed a plethora of election violations. That is when I decided to run for Town Moderator to replace 28 year incumbent Peter Griffin.

(From Page 1)

Windham's election night results were not just imprecise, they were fundamentally flawed. For an exhaustive review, please see the report of the forensic audit team. But simply put, town election officials cut corners.”

(From Page 3)

The moderator has a duty to accurately count all legally submitted ballots.”

(From Page 6)

In the November 2020 General Election, Windham officials did not follow all of the necessary instructions and statutory requirements.”

Windham's moderator should have detected the failure of the testing to comply with New Hampshire law.”

New Hampshire law imposes a duty on the moderator to ensure that the testing complied with state law prior to using the device at an election.”

(From Page 10)

Windham's procedure did not comply with RSA 659:95.”

The failure to comply with legal obligations, coupled with an election return submitted with significant defects, has consequences. RSA 659:77, Ill. General Neglect by Town or Ward Moderator and Clerk.”

The Attorney General makes a finding that the November 2020 General Election returns from Windham had significant deficiencies.”

The report exposes many violations of law. Page 8 alone refers to 26 violations regarding the improper labeling of ballot boxes and absentee materials.

Page 9 contains an additional 46 violations of law regarding the improper sealing of ballot and election material boxes – and three of those boxes had no seals at all.

Those are just a few of the reasons why I am running for Town Moderator.

We need to restore trust and the legal procedures in our elections.

I'm sure my opponent and his supporters will provide excuses for Mr. Griffin's blatant disregard for election law, but there are no excuses. Mr. Griffin violated the law while having the knowledge of 28 years of experience as Windham's Town Moderator.

It is time to restore election integrity in Windham by adhering to the legal processes defined by law. Please vote on March 8th for Tom Murray for Windham Town Moderator.

I've highlighted some of the most egregious sections of the AG's report and posted it here so you can see everything in context.


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