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  • Ken Eyring

TWO NH Election Lawsuits Filed to Ban Voting Machines - One State, One Federal!

NH Resident Dan Richard has been granted an Emergency Hearing by the Rockingham County Superior Court, this Friday, September 9, 2022, at 1pm to seek a temporary and permanent injunction to prohibit the use of voting machines and to hand count ballots. This hearing is open to the public.

Mr. Richard’s complaint brings multiple charges, which include:

  • The legislature created an unconstitutional statutory mechanism by enacting N.H. RSA 656:40, which authorized a new manner of counting votes on a trial basis, but not provided for by Part II, art. 32 of the NH Constitution.

  • N.H. 656:40, authorizes an un-elected body, the “Ballot Law Commission”, oversight over the towns and cities, to authorize local use of programmable electronic voting machines exclusively, without counting the votes in an open meeting, and without the consent of the inhabitants, as required by Part II, art. 100.

Mr. Richard will argue:

  • The legislature's temporary authorization in 1979 to use voting machines is unconstitutional. In addition, the use of voting machines since 1979 can no longer be considered used on a “trial basis.”

  • The Ballot Law Commission is an unconstitutional, un-elected, and unqualified body that decides if a town can ignore the hand count requirement of the Constitution of NH, and authorize the use of programmable, open source, electronic machines, and not the legislature.

  • The Ballot Law Commission makes rules which are enforced as law. Neither the legislature, nor the Ballot Law Commission, have enacted any testing or certification standards to ensure the reliability, accuracy, or safety of voting machines.

  • The state of New Hampshire has no federal testing or certification requirements for the repair and modification of its’ tabulation voting systems and electronic voting machines. New Hampshire’s statutes and/or regulations make no mention of any federal agency, certification program, laboratory, or standard.

As reported by the Gateway Pundit, a second lawsuit was filed by NH Resident Brenda Towne in federal court. Mrs. Towne's complaint seeks the removal of voting machines in NH. It also names Harri Hursti and LHS Associates as plaintiffs, alleging that they were responsible for the destruction of election evidence that was to be maintained and kept under state and federal mandates.

Mrs. Towne's lawsuit seeks the following relief:

  • To preserve all remaining election records from the November 3, 2020 election,

  • Declaration by the court to order a full physical and cyber forensic examination of machines, ballots and peripheral objects related to the conduct of the 2020 New Hampshire federal election by a qualified expert of plaintiff’s choice.

  • The removal of all electronic voting machines and devices from all future New Hampshire elections.

You can read more here.



Laws are only written by the legislators. Not by any unelected person or body.

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