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  • Ken Eyring

Two Opportunities to Take Control of the Election Process!

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

There are two opportunities to take control of the election process.

One is to participate in the Resolve Initiative, which is taking a non-traditional approach to voting for candidates for NH's top 30 elected offices (Governor, Executive Council, Senate, etc.) – and the other (if you don't want to participate in the Resolve Initiative) is to force every one of your votes to be hand-counted – thereby bypassing the voting machines that many have an issue with.

The Resolve Initiative This initiative is a clever idea, and I've been told that it has gained much traction. You can read and watch about it here.

The goal is to bypass the establishment political parties and form a coalition around 30 truly worthy candidates who are running for the state's top 30 positions who will put America First.

There will be Meet and Greets and a series of debates at one location this Friday, August 5, 2022 with candidates that are seeking your vote. Those Meet and Greets and debates will help define who is deserving of the Resolve Initiative's support.

Some of the candidates running for the 30 top positions may not even be on the ballot in the Republican or Democrat columns – but that does not matter. The Resolve Initiative seeks to produce a coordinated, statewide write-in effort for all 30 of the top positions in the state. If you are even remotely interested, consider attending the Resolve Initiative Meet and Greets and Debates this Friday.

You can sign up on Event Brite here.

Force Your Votes to be Hand-Counted Many people I have spoken with over the past year are not confident about the accuracy of voting machines – and therefore, they would like for all votes to be hand-counted.

But hand-counting does not have the support of those who currently write NH laws... so the towns that currently use voting machines to count votes, will continue to do so. But... that does not mean you have to accept YOUR votes being counted by those machines.

For EVERY CANDIDATE in EVERY RACE that you cast a vote for, simply fill in the “write-in” oval in the "Write-In" column (the right most column on the ballot) and then write-in the name of the candidate next to that oval that you want to be elected. If your candidate's name appears on the ballot in one of the other columns - make sure to leave that oval blank - and use the Write-In column for casting every vote.

The machines will be forced to push the ballot into the “hand-count” bin in the machine, and all races with “write-in” votes must then be hand-counted at the end of the evening.

You Have More Control Than You Know!

If you are unhappy with the election process and/or machines being used to count the votes, then consider these alternatives above and get engaged!


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