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  • Ken Eyring

What Will YOU DO About the FBI Raiding Trump's Home?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation raided the Mar-a-Lago home of former President Donald Trump on Monday. The next day, three FBI agents apprehended Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) and seized his phone while he was traveling with his family.

These are not the only incidences of the ruling party targeting their political opponents – and they are reminiscent of the oppressive governments of Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and Communist China. These abuses of power should bother every American – regardless of party affiliation.

They should certainly bother those who have been elected to serve us in government and protect against these abuses – but most are silent.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. America's federal government is corrupted to the core and out of control. Both parties.

Want to hear what your future leaders plan to do about this absolute abuse of power? Better yet, want to tell them what they must do to stop it if elected?

All power resides in the people - but only if we demand it!

Go to Grace Ministries International, 263 Route 125 in Brentwood, NH this Saturday at 2pm, where GOP Candidates for Congressional District 1 will debate and share their positions on these issues and others that affect your families, your livelihood, and your freedoms.

Then go to the Crossing Life Church, 122 North Lowell Rd in Windham, NH this Sunday at 3pm, where GOP Candidates for US Senate will debate and share their positions on the same issues.

You will have opportunities to speak directly with candidates before and/or after both events.

To reserve tickets for the CD-1 Debate, click here.

To reserve tickets for the Senate Debate click here.

These events are free, but your freedom isn't. Go to these events and make your voice heard!


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