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  • Ken Eyring

You are Invited to Participate in a U.S. Senate Debate!

The Government Integrity Project is proud to announce a SECOND FREE DEBATE between candidates for federal office. This second debate will feature three GOP candidates who are running to replace Maggie Hassan in the U.S. Senate: Don Bolduc, Bruce Fenton and Kevin Smith.

These candidates for U.S. Senate have the vision, skills and capabilities to represent NH and bring a positive change to Washington DC. It is up to you to choose!

Join us on August 14 for this extraordinary and free event that will take place at 3pm at the Crossing Life Church and Community Center, 122 North Lowell Rd., Windham, NH. (Click here to register). You will have opportunities to meet the candidates in person; ask them questions before or after the debate; and submit a question of your own that may be asked during the debate.

Experience first hand how each of these candidates plan to represent you if elected. This event will provide intimate insights into each candidate's positions and vision - and help prepare you to cast a more informed vote in the GOP Primary on September 13, 2022!

Tickets are limited! Please take a few minutes to register here and reserve your FREE seats now.

Join us for this special event and be a part of history!


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