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  • Ken Eyring

Windham High School Coach Targets Student Over Father’s Political Views?

By Ken Eyring - August 30, 2021

The Windham, NH government is filled with arrogant elitists who have no shame. They refer to residents as “irrelevant” and abuse the trust and authority that We, the People have empowered them with.

When questioned and held accountable for their abuses, their retribution is harsh and swift – and it comes from all levels of Windham government – with the full force of law.

But some residents like Tom Murray are not easily deterred. In those circumstances, the innocent children of those brave parents are used as political pawns to punish them – and to simultaneously intimidate others to remain silent… or else they too will be targeted. It’s been an effective strategy, but not with Murray and a growing number of others like him. It is time for more people to step out of their comfort zone and take back their government.

The latest unconscionable abuse was wielded by the Windham High School Soccer coach against Mr. Murray’s daughter. (Click here for the Full Story with additional info and links on the Granite Grok.)


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